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Meet Our Team

Neil Phillips

Neil's laugh can be heard throughout the day here in our office and over the phone. Customers who get him on the phone always get a boost to their day. 

Email: neil@directitgroup.ca  

HEather Clancy

Whether it is an accounts question, a rating inquiry or just a general question, Heather will find  an answer.  Digging for solutions is what she does best. 

Email: heather@directitgroup.ca

Numbers that add up to great service


Professional couriers. From bikes to 5 tons we are a full service fleet


Happy customers. You are always front and center with us.


That is about how long it takes to enter an order. We are constantly working to save you time


 (We have the best customers)

About us



Lisa Smith 

Empathetic people make for the best customer service specialists. And Lisa is just that, one of the best.  

Email: lisa@directitgroup.ca  

Megan Argent

A tenacious advocate for our customers Megan can always be counted on to improve our practices and procedures.

Email: megan@directitgroup.ca  

Darren Benner

Our rotation sort is a site to behold, and Darren with his positive attitude keeps this critical component running like clockwork.

Email: darren@directitgroup.ca

elizabeth Lawrence

Calm cool and collected, that's our Liz.  Always setting a fantastic example for the team she can always be counted on. 

Email: liz@directitgroup.ca

Craig Cologhoun

Details are Craigs area of expertise. With a long background at various courier companies in the Calgary market, Craig looks at improvements from all the angles.

Email: craig@directitgroup.ca  

toby Benoit 

Our operations guru and resident wise  guy, Toby has been here almost since the beginning . He can be counted on to come up the solution to any challenge, usually with a pithy one liner

Email: toby@directitgroup.ca  

Carl Hollick

The man who started it all.  You won't find anyone more passionate about the courier business than our fearless leader.

Email: carl@directitgroup.ca  

David Coll

Our best ideas most often start with David. He is always encouraging the team to stay up to date with technology and his dedication to learning is inspiring.

Email: david@directitgroup.ca  

Industries we serve

Numbers that add up to great Service 






Deliveries a day. Yes that many !






Professional couriers. From bikes to 5 tons, we are a full service fleet.







You are always front and center with us.






YEars of experience and learning every day.






All day, everyday. We are always available to you. 



Contact Us


Earth's Courier

Pk 1 200 Barclay Parade SW

Calgary Alberta T2P 4R5


Email: csr@westdirect.ca

 Please contact us with any questions

@ 403-264-6666


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